Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ways to tell if you're a geek

1) If you send the following email to Trader Joe's:

Oh Trader Joe's,

I've been shopping at your stores since I was a wee lass, and am constantly hyping you up to my friends. But there's something that's on my mind, and it ain't pretty. Recently I bought a jar of Mole from you, knowing it probably wouldn't taste like my grandma's recipe, but curious and excited just the same. The flavor was a bit fruitier than I'd expected, but it was okay... until I saw something on the jar that made me want to pass out. It said, "mole roja."

Mole roja?!

Mole is masculine! "Roja" refers to something feminine! I unwittingly purchased a jar of transgendered mole? Say it ain't so!

But seriously... surely there are enough of us Mexicanos in this great nation that one of us might be willing to proofread your products en EspaƱol? I know I would. Please, please, fix this asap!

Your biggest fan,

...then yes, you are a geek.


Steve Jasper said...

I totally get the whole need to correct that sentence, although I don't speak that much Spanish myself (just enough to get around Buenos Aires). People who mix comparatives and superlatives e.g. "very unique" deserve to be shot at dawn in my book, so more power to you. I swear, if I hear that one more time I'm going postal with a chainsaw...

But... NEW ZEALAND??? NZ is about as exciting as Vermont on a bank holiday. Actually, no, that's a little harsh on Vermont. For a few hours more on a plane, you could go to a REAL country -- *Australia*. OK, I'm a little prejudiced here, I'm 6th generation Aussie, but there's a bit more life here. And it's not all desert -- we have that Lord of the Rings type country here too. And no one in Australia mixes masculine and feminine Spanish words here. Because almost none of us speak Spanish... except enough to get around Buenos Aires... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I took a train through the heart of Australia once. It took three nights and I saw a kangaroo. Last weekend I drove through the heart of New Zealand. It took three hours, and I saw the entire Lord if the Rings trilogy.

Not many New Zealanders speak spanish, but at least we live in a very unique country - move here whenever you want Emma! You may need to import the transgender Mole.

Emma said...

Steve, Ben, thank you both. I almost didn't want to comment, hoping the wrestling match would continue. =)