Sunday, October 22, 2006

If you look under the bed then I can see my house from here.

As some of you know, I get obsessed. I am obsessive. It's hard for the people around me, I think, or it's annoying at best. I shrug, because what can you do? While multi-tasking is important and crucial and a part of my every day life, the truth is that I require a certain amount of repetition in order to function. And when I find something I love, it's impossible for me to be temperate about it. I suck the very marrow out of it. This is one of those character traits that people find charmingly quirky from afar; but you try your hand at being the long-suffering companion of someone who can talk about, oh, Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated voyage on the Endurance every day for two years. Or like, someone who can only stand to play either classical music or music written by one or both of the brothers Finn in their car every day for like almost a whole year. I reckon after awhile this sort of behavior fosters other questionable behavior, like thumbsucking and rocking back and forth, in other people. But it doesn't bother me anymore. It's worth it for you, or it isn't, yeah? My litmus test of sorts.

And so it's Jarvis [be warned, it's an old, old and rather delightful photo -- he's looking not anywhere near as hot these days and, well, whatever]. Ah, Jarvis, with your clever quips and naughty lines and smart, smart observations. This article, which is not new, sums it up nicely. And really now, these lyrics. And these. And the newer song and video on his MySpace page [thanks Jane, for turning me onto his MySpace page.] -- "C*nts are still running the world," he sings -- nay, he intones, after having clearly just crawled out of a tiny tiny playhouse and then politely gone back in and closed the door [oh, just go watch it.]. And the podcasts [sorry, can't bring myself to refer to them as Jarvcasts as the site suggests] in which he is reading classics such as stories by the Brothers Grimm and, um, DH Lawrence [whom I cannot stand, but will absolutely endure for the sake of this sort of frivolous geekery]. READING THE CLASSICS, are you joking me? And putting that up on the internet for people to listen to? Oh my goodness gracious, he's come from my imagination, from my dreams. There's no other explanation for this, this special brand of nerdhot.

And you may disagree.

But you'd be wrong.

And here's where it may get even dicier --

Jarvis is the new Bowie.

No further comment. No questions. We thank you for respecting our privacy during this obviously difficult time. Thank you. Good night.


Jane said...

Oh oh oh! I have that Jarvis photo as a big poster. I shot several episodes of a TV show in front of it. I live for it. I live for this all!

Emma said...

Ah Jane, would that I could have been more with it and we could have been Pulp friends together.