Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My telly's gone bung

Just a couple of things, before I go to bed.

1. People of Los Angeles, fifty degrees Fahrenheit is NOT COLD. I mean, for us, yes, it's cold, but surely it does not warrant the evening news featuring people scurrying about, Christmas shopping, all bundled up in Ugg boots and a sweatshirt. Particularly if the newscasters are then going to say, No doubt these folks would rather be sitting in front of a roaring fire at home! Firstly, how many of us here actually have a fireplace? And secondly, oh no, God forbid we have to put on something heavier than a sweatshirt. For Pete's sake. Call me when you people have some real problems, like... SNOW. Or... FROZEN PIPES. Or... HAVING TO HEAT YOUR HOUSE AT NIGHT. Sure, after thirty-one years of living here (not to mention frequent aspirin usage), my blood is ridiculously thin. I get cold and hot at the drop of a hat. But I'd like to think that, well, I'm still better than you whining sissies.

2. Actually, never mind. I feel much better now. Good night.