Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's always so intense

I said I wouldn't. But I'm going to, after all.

Resolutions for 2007

- Be in bed by 11 every night. Weekends are exempt.
- Do a bare minimum of exercise, five days a week. Days are up to me and my schedule. "Bare minimum" in this case means fireman situps and weight training.
- Be mindful of how much time I spend doing mind-numbing things.
- Implement and keep a regular home-maintenance schedule
- Get rid of non-essentials in the home. (This is no small feat, given our collective penchance for not only tchotchkes, but also a wide variety of hobbies. Looking around our home, one might think based on the different accoutrements inhabiting every corner, that maybe ten or so people live here. Between the archery, sewing, hunting, knitting, tea cups, action figures, sketch pad, lightbox, photo paper, guitars, crafting, fishing, stretched canvases, scrapbooking, camping, miniatures, vintage books, keyboard, vintage clothing, mountain biking and music gear, it would not seem an unfounded assumption. The truth is, H and I have enough hobbies between us to outfit a small hobby army.)

It's the home-maintenance schedule one that seems toughest to me. Time management is perhaps my weakest suit. But this is the year I will conquer my shortcomings and find a workable solution. I am dedicated to this!

Have you any suggestions? Helpful tips? Book recommendations? All are welcome!