Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The labour of love is ours to endure

Ways To Say I Love You:

+ Juggling the bills every month without complaint
+ Getting up when the baby cries and not mentioning it to your partner, the next day or ever
+ Refusing to join in the bitching-about-spouses-fest
+ Swallowing your pride
+ Asking several times over the course of several months about the mortgage loan: is it adjustable? (No, we made sure to get a fixed rate.) Is it adjustable? (No, we got a fixed rate.) You guys don't have an adjustable rate mortgage, do you? (No, it's a fixed rate.) You sure? (Yep.) Okay. I know we talked about it before but I'm glad to have confirmation. (Yep.)
+ Ignoring bad behavior when it's obviously the unusual result of frustration
+ Looking for ways to make life easier
+ Repaying stupidity with kindness
+ A gentle look

It's all around us. It's everywhere. Do we notice? I've begun making it a point to notice, and it's astonishing. I'm surrounded with it. I'm overwhelmed. And grateful.