Thursday, May 31, 2007

Oh man, what a week. Not much good to say about it, so this will be short. Here's the bulk of what was good about it (the non-Luke-related version, anyway): getting pre-sale tickets to see Crowded House. Being a geek pays off in the end, it turns out! Tickets don't go on sale until Saturday, but I got them on Wednesday and got fantastic seats, to boot. Finn-tastic (ouch, sorry.)!

And... well, that's it.

Yours in overwhelming excitement,


persephone said...

Are they touring as Crowded House, really? How odd.

Also: you are FIRED.

emma said...

I knew that was coming, but it was worth the gamble. I'll just have to Neil and say my prayers that it doesn't continue. OUCH! Somebody stop me!

Yeah, they did a worldwide search for a new drummer. :( And that new dude (you know, the one who joined them ten to fifteen years ago? I still don't know his name) is on the tour as well.