Monday, May 21, 2007

Which of these is more embarrassing:

a) While standing at the desk of a male co-worker, you take a swig of dark red Crystal Light and it splashes down your dress onto your breasts, a mere foot or so from his face, whereupon you say Great, and laugh, because really, what else can you do? And because he is a gentleman he simply turns toward his computer and pretends not to have noticed. And he also pretends not to notice when you open one of the drawers at his desk, grab a paper towel, then turn your back so that you can mop up the Crystal Light from your breasts.


b) While standing at the desk of a male co-worker, having just taken a swig of dark red Crystal Light, your stomach suddenly gurgles. Very very loudly. So loudly that your male co-worker asks if you are alright. The only thing you can come up with is Well, that's what happens when you drink red water.

The answer, dear readers, is neither a) nor b). The answer is:

c) a) followed by b).

Thank you.


Brian said...

Well, they both must be more embarrassing than, oh, i dunno, spilling coffee on a coworker?

emma said...

WAY more embarrassing. WAAAAAAY.