Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You're tamed by all the pressure of everything you want to become

A friend in Australia told me yesterday that the elder Mr. Finn is joining Crowded House on this tour? I've not heard about this anywhere else but who knows, I am often late to the party. I do know that wee Liam Finn has been joining in, or at least did so at the House of Blues show in Chicago on the 18th. Liam and his beard. I hope they're there tonight. Crowded House! After 21 years! The last time I was this excited was May 3, and I was on my way to see... Tim Finn.

Really, the level of predictability around here is frightful. Would that I could be more exciting for you, gentle reader, but this is what you get.

Class begins promptly at four o'clock this afternoon. I can hardly contain myself.

Pete said the other day that you can't struggle with indecision if you have no choices. Quite true; perhaps a side effect of living during a time and place in which one can be almost literally whatever one wants, it's taken years and years for me to sort out what I want to do, what I came here to do. Or at the very least, to narrow the field, to elect to have fewer choices. Perhaps, as with most everything else, moderation is the key to useful choices. There are only so many people you can be close to; only so many things to which you can devote your time; only so many hours in the day. You can't be everything all at once, or ever, really. And maybe you shouldn't be.