Sunday, September 16, 2007

I have no idea exactly what I've drawn

This meme was taken from Frida's* blog.

A special talent.
I am quite good at identifying what it is people want and what it is they need, and how they need information delivered to them. I am not sure yet how to leverage that into anything other than a very useful aid in interpersonal relationships.

A secret nobody knows.
If I do something a certain way once, it is difficult for me to alter it.
For instance: four years ago I went shopping with my mother and she bought me a pair of red Tweezerman tweezers. When I used them later that day, in my mind I went over a particular conversation she and I had had while shopping. FOUR YEARS LATER, guess what I think about when I tweeze my brows with that pair of tweezers? Yes. That same conversation. I am not sure what that says about me.

A personality trait you find attractive.
Kindness. Ideally it is tempered with a bit of cockiness.

A personality trait you find unattractive.
I am wildly allergic to people who tend towards self-pity.

Songs that melt you?
So many! Here are a few:
- Spinning Away, Brian Eno and John Cale
- How Great Thou Art (traditional hymn)
- New Slang, the Shins
- Into Temptation, Crowded House
- Sisters of Mercy, Leonard Cohen
- A Reason to Believe, Tim Hardin

The biggest truth you have learned this year.
Forgiveness really does change you, and your life, and life in general.

An item you are currently coveting.
These boots. Oh, the coveting, it is strong in me.

What gives you peace?
Knowing I've done all I can.

What perfume are you currently wearing?
None. I never wear perfume, though sometimes I wear the Body Shop's Satsuma oil.

Do you dream much?
Yes, much and often. I tend to remember my dreams quite vividly, and for years. Sometimes bits of past dreams come to me randomly, the way memories float back to us.

What word(s) do you tend to say to much?
Clearly, obviously. (Adverbs! Have you hugged yours today?)

In high school, what kind of teen were you?
I was extremely outspoken and simultaneously extremely shy. [Not much has changed there.] My costume was very useful.

Describe yourself in five words.
Loving, sensitive, strong, unafraid, rueful.

A weird quirk.
I know more song lyrics than any other functioning individual on the planet.
True story.

Have you ever been in love?

Has your heart ever been broken?
Many times.

Favorite thing to wear.
Boots make everything better. I really, really love boots.

And you?

*Frida is someone I've never met in person. She's a Kiwi working for human rights in Afghanistan. She does things I cannot fathom. She makes the world a better place. I am in utter awe.