Thursday, September 20, 2007

Start again, I heard them sing

When the noise is gone, when the need and even the desire for the noise is gone, the silence can be mind-bending.
Unsettling, too -- even if admitting that stings a bit.
But more than anything, it's delicious.

Have you ever felt -- and I mean that quite literally: felt -- your life turning a corner?

The last few years have required constant faith. Walking in darkness, with blinders on, no idea of what else was headed in my direction.

When I lacked faith, I plodded along anyway. Stripped down to essentials. Show up. Do your best. Eat. Sleep. Soaring was out of the question.

It became a distant memory. I longed for it. I became angry, then sad, then I gave in and thought that perhaps I was through with soaring.

Perhaps I'd used up my quota (I've done a lot of soaring).

But I haven't. I'm being reminded every place I look that my season to soar has begun again.

It's being carried in on the newly-cool Autumn breezes, the message, being whispered everywhere I turn: it's time.

Shedding the old, stepping out in the new.

It's amazing, it really is.

I wish for you today something as wonderful and as real.