Tuesday, September 25, 2007

There she goes, my beautiful world

The current song of which I cannot get enough proffers these most excellent lines:

I went to bed last night and my moral code got jammed
I woke up this morning with a Frappucino in my hand...
I got the abbattoir blues
Right down to my shoes

Oh man, Nick Cave delivers. Oh yes.


pohanginapete said...

Did you see the film Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man, Emma? Various musicians performing Cohen songs; some of the musicians speaking about Cohen. Nick Cave was the standout speaker — entertaining, and actually with something to say.

Emma said...

Pete - yes indeed! I really enjoyed that one, in particular the home movies of tiny Leonard Cohen. I wasn't crazy about Nick's performance in it, but he is always an interesting speaker. I'm curious to see the cowboy movie he did recently -- don't recall the name -- I understand that was very good.