Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Como el candor de una rosa

My guess -- and I could be wrong -- would be that not many nearly-two-year-olds request Malagueña Salerosa as their lullabye. Luke has been requesting it of late. If you're not familiar with the song, you can check out the version he knows here. The singers are this man, a legend in Mexico, and this boy, a child star [well, he was then; I'd imagine he's quite a bit bigger now] from Spain with an incredible voice.

The song, you'll see, requires a bit of vocal acrobatics. At which I am still a bit rusty, just a few days into this new gig, but my kid, he doesn't seem to mind. In fact he lies there very quietly until nearly three-quarters of the way through the song, at which point he hurtles himself into my arms. When the song is over, he asks me to sing it again. Ma cahko, he says. This means Más cuáco, or More horsie ["cuáco" is Mexican slang for "horse" -- which makes sense if you watch the video]. The record thus far for consecutive times we've run through the song (two verses and two rounds of the chorus, anyway) is four.

I am in awe of this kid. I am gone, far over the moon for this kid. Man, I love him.