Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'll go along with anything that you want to do

Games played today by our resident toddler:

- Making Soup
- Larry the Dog Rides a Bicycle
- Cooking Quinoa
- Let's Pretend-Eat Everything In Various Picture Books, Including Balloons, Goldfish and Buttons
- Hand Mama a Sparkly Pipe-Cleaner and Conduct An Intensely High-Stakes Improv Exercise In Which She Is Instructed To Create Various Objects, Using Just the One Sparkly Pipe-Cleaner, and Change The Instruction About Every Two Seconds, So That She Is Frantically Trying To Sculpt, All Within The Span Of a Minute, Larry the Dog, a Balloon, a Baby Balloon, the Letter N, a Daddy Balloon, a Mama Balloon, a Bee, Elmo, a Baby, a Baby Elmo, a Ducky, a Fishy, Oscar the Grouch, and a Foot

I need a nap. So does he, but I am too afraid to suggest it.


Molly said...

Oh, I love Cooking Quinoa. I play it all the time.

Emma said...

That game effin' rocks!!