Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stories of the street

Things found in stall #2 of the upstairs ladies' lavatory in my office building today:

1. A paper wrapper
2. A lock of light brown hair
3. A black button

The items appeared one by one, over the course of the day.

Other things found in that same lavatory recently:

1. A silver-plated hoop with rhinestone-encrusted letter charms attached, which spelled out "Dior" (on the sink)
2. A to-do list, which spanned three days and included such items as "Exercise," "Walk," "Dr Appt" and "Buy stuff for chicken salad." (on the back of the commode in stall #1)


Anne-Marie said...

Hmmm, curious. Such interesting items are never left in our office toilets. People just leave toilet rolls on the floor.

Visiting the female toilets in the library at my old university was always an experience. People used to write philosophical conversations on the walls.