Sunday, March 30, 2008

Worth A Million In Prizes: Frippery Jewelry Kits

My best friend and I each bought a Frippery jewelry kit (the "Katie" charm necklace kit)sometime during last summer's most brutal heat wave. They were all of $10 at a discount store out in The Valley and the thought of sitting around my living room putting together a cute necklace with the AC at full blast (which ju-u-u-st managed to make the temperature bearable, for the record) was appealing in a very nostalgic sort of way. (Okay, it reminded me of The Summer of Rattle and Hum--or 1988, as some called it--when Kristen and I spent what must have been entire weeks watching my copy of Rattle and Hum in my parent's room, where the AC was, and drinking Diet Black Cherry Slice. It was the best ever!) Anyway, it's nearly April now, and H. and I finished watching Dan In Real Life at about 11 o'clock tonight, because that is what boring married people do (though we're probably only boring to others; we find one another and ourselves mightily entertaining! Especially when, during the awful scene where Dan is dancing with that awful girl at the bar, both H. and I broke out into awesome Ricky Gervais-style dancing.), and I thought, HEY. Now is the time. And I made some frippery.

And do you know, those little kits are pretty great! I would totally buy them for someone as a gift, and would happily accept another as a gift. They come with little pendant thingies that you can put (enclosed and very pretty) stickers on, which then get covered with other, soft, clear stickers that make it look like real jewelry! It also comes with a stencil so that you can cut out whatever in heck you would like and put that in your necklace and wear it.

The link above says these go for something like $24.99. It's still not a bad price if, like me, you've never done much in the way of jewelry-making. But for ten bucks it was fantastic. I love when things work out this well.