Monday, June 02, 2008


Sonia Simone over at Copyblogger wrote a great piece called Unleash Your Inner Dork to Become a Better Copywriter. Whether or not you spend your days writing copy, it's worth a read, as it contains the kind of kernel of truth that would do some good for anyone who happens to be alive. An excerpt:

Enthusiastic copy isn’t cool—at least, not while you’re creating it. It isn’t polished. It isn’t sophisticated.

In fact, it’s usually kind of dorky.

Any creative person who’s worth a damn has a dorky side. Good creative work can’t survive cynicism. I’m willing to bet that even Bono gets a little secret thrill over something lame—maybe it’s brand new white shoelaces, or blue Jell-O or LOLcats.

Being a dork just means you can get insanely excited about something that not everyone can see is cool... A dork is someone who’s not afraid to be excited. A dork is a great thing to be.

Enthusiasm is so underrated! It's one of the most attractive, fascinating traits a human being can exhibit! It is glorious. Why do we forget this?


j said...

Yes. Yes yes yes. My daily struggle is to shore up enough courage to let the enthusiasm show. I look forward to the day when I don't think twice about that.