Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Via Apartment Therapy

At one point I lived near Loud Sex People, but they were in the next building over--they, like us, lived in an end unit, though I could never figure out which one. It was fairly icky, but even so I never got up the nerve to say anything about it. Or post a public sign about it. Most of my shared-wall neighbor trouble has been because they are impossibly loud. I have been upset enough to bang on the walls and the floor, and to yell "SHUT UP!" in the general direction of loud neighbors. I also once, in a mean and rather passive-agressive/creepy move of which I am not proud, but sort of makes me chuckle nonetheless, left a basket of flowers on the doorstep of some particularly loud and irritating sorority girls who lived next door. (Someone had sent me flowers and the florist bungled the order, sending the same bouquet twice, and I didn't like the flowers enough to keep a duplicate around.) Hilarity ensued when the girls' friends came over and said Here, this was on your doorstep! Delighted, my neighbors insisted that their friends shouldn't have. When everyone finally realized that no one knew where the flowers had come from(since they were so screechingly loud, I could hear every word from my living room), they all became a little frightened. I laughed meanly to myself like a Disney villain.


La Traductora said...

This is rich. I will keep this in mind and will make sure to follow your example, you wicked, but funny, girl you.