Thursday, September 18, 2008

Observations Before, During and After Tonight's Nick Cave Show

(At the Hollywood Bowl.)
(Cat Power and Spiritualized were the openers.)

1. In the car on the way to the shuttle pick-up point: OMG! OMG! OMG!
2. On the shuttle: I haven't been this excited since the Crowded House show. Er... better not say that one out loud.
3. On the shuttle: OMG! OMG! OMG!

1. I really like Cat Power; why is this live set so terrible?
2. Why is Cat Power dancing like a very very old man?
3. Cat Power sang one song, with intermissions, for her entire set. That includes the handful of covers she did, too.
4. Spiritualized... pretty cool. Oh... no, not cool, but not bad. Hang on... oh no, I think the bulk of the lyrics for this song are "Good dope, good times." Really? When are they finished?
5. Cave!
7. He is fifty years old, is dressed like a wealthy pimp, has terrible hair, and I think I love him.
8. Warren Ellis: Most Terrifying Man on Earth? [Decide for yourself. He's on the far right.]
9. Warren Ellis playing the violin in a strangely violent way and ending his part with a massive, dramatic flourish: I may have just wet my pants with fear.

[Speaking of whom, H told me at the show that the other Warren Ellis, the comic book writer, has been known to mention when interviewed that if one Googles him, one shouldn't be frightened of the pictures, as that is Warren Ellis the musician. True story.]

10. I don't walk very well in these spike-heeled booties. But a couple of glasses of wine and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds make dancing and jumping possible! (Actually they even made the Stagger Lee dance possible. Fancy that!)

11. The Ship Song. Thank you.

1. There are some really old people here! Not like, "Wow, that lady is my parents' age" old -- I mean like, "Shouldn't you be in bed with a glass of warm milk and OMG I hope you didn't hear all that swearing during that last act!" old. Even older than the bluehairs at the Crowded House show. What gives? Are they cool, or am I lame?

Oh, Internet, I was so happy for this show. And it did not disappoint.
And now, to bed.