Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And many more...

There is a man who changed everything for me.
Because of him, I was able to rewrite my story, the story I keep in my heart about who I am, who I have been, what I will become.
Because he is brave in extraordinary ways, I feel safe.
Because he is extraordinarily brave in small, ordinary things, I am constantly challenged to take his cue and be a better person.
Without his love, his humor, his arch wit, his staggering intelligence, his overwhelming commitment to truth and loyalty, generosity and kindness, I would be only half the person I am.
Equal parts Clint Eastwood , Inspector Clouseau and Mike Patton, he is also, rather improbably, drop-dead gorgeous. [And I am trying very hard not to shout "I WIN!" as I type this.]

Happy birthday, my beloved H.
Thank you for your love that has utterly transformed me.


pohanginapete said...

Those guys look totally cool. I love the expressions — both of them. A wonderfully heart-warming photo :^)

(Oh, yeah — Happy Birthday, H!)

fairlywell said...

Happy birthday, H! Although I don't know you, I do know Emma. If she thinks you're so great, well, you must be.

Emma said...

Pete -- thanks. I'm very fond of that photo myself. It's nearly two years old now, which is hard for me to believe. Thanks too from H.

Fairlywell -- thank you! H. thanks you as well.