Wednesday, October 08, 2008

So I'm sittin' in my room...

It was high time, lovies, and so I've gone and signed up for the Apartment Therapy Home Cure. I didn't expect to feel absurdly frightened, but that's where I find myself. As I posted to their forum: home matters so much to me, and somehow things have gotten woefully out of hand around here... I fear that the only answers I'm going to find will be along the lines of, "YOU HAVE FAILED!" and "YOU NEED A LOT MORE MONEY THAN YOU HAVE!" (which, somewhat coincidentally, is next to none.) In any case, to help get myself over this all-encompassing sense of doom I'm experiencing, I'll be sharing the process with you.

Here, then, are the answers to the quiz.

Actress: Juliette Binoche, Cate Blanchett, Claudette Colbert
Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, Hugh Laurie, Clark Gable
Artist: Edward Hopper
Writer: William Gibson, CS Lewis
Music: Neil Finn, Nick Cave, Mozart, Beethoven, Traditional (Mexican/Irish/Scottish/Spanish/Middle Eastern)
Restaurant: Havana Mania (Cuban), Seaside Palace (Persian)
Automobile: Black Lexus IS
Television Shows: House, The Office (BBC), Extras
Clothing (Store/Designer): Anthropologie (not that I can actually afford to shop there, mind you... it's a relationship based on appearances.)

Style (i.e., describe the style of my home in three words):
1. Eclectic
2. Warm
3. Well-traveled

Personal History (i.e., my cities!)
Born: Torrance, CA
Grew up: All over the South Bay
As an adult: Harbor City, Long Beach, West Los Angeles, Torrance, San Pedro

Role Model
My mom, my friend Bob

Three adjectives to describe the qualities I admire in them:
1. Strong
2. Kind
3. Committed

What is the problem with your [condo]?

1. Messy
2. Run-down
3. Disorganized

If your [condo] could speak, what would it say is the problem?
"Emma has enough things to fill a couple of people's lives--more than her own life needs! Also, pay attention to me, huh? I'm not a storage facility!"

What one thing would you like to do more of in your [condo]?
Projects! Sewing, knitting, collaging, cooking... Also, relaxing, knowing everything is in its place.

Eight weeks from now, if friend came to visit, how would you like them to describe your home? (3 words)
1. Inviting
2. Interesting
3. Smart

Onward ho, friends. *sigh*


La Traductora said...

Hi Emma,
I'm entrigued. after you take the quiz, what does it say about one and one's style?
I think I need some therapy of my own. :-)

Emma said...

Hi, Traductorcita! We can probably all use some of this therapy, no? This quiz is part of an 8-week process, which is part and parcel of the book Apartment Therapy. Check out the website -- if you're interested, there is still time to order the book and join! (¡Me encantaría tener una compañera!)