Sunday, November 23, 2008

The best parts

I've added a new section to the sidebar there -- scroll down a ways and you'll see THE BEST PARTS, which is (perhaps not surprisingly) an ongoing compilation of the best parts of the books I read. Send me yours, will ya?


Sophie said...

Very cool :)!

La Traductora said...

Hi Emma,
I love this! Here is mine. It is not from a book, but from a letter written by a construction worker to TIME magazine. Here's the quote, in part:
"Exceptional art, artichitecture, landscaping, theater and political speeches are poetic. Unfortunately, poetry does not inspire politiics, music or collective ethos today. The trouble is poetry requires a sense of history, irony, metaphor, style and the ability to sit and contemplate. We cannot seem to transcend or daity tasks of work, bills, iPods, shopping and more shopping. . . . Although I don't take methadone or Prozac, without poetry's beauty, inspiration and intellectual stimulation, I might require both drugs to help me cope."
--Vasilios Kouis
I think Mr. Kouis should get a new job--as social critic and writer.

Emma said...

Sophie, I'm glad you like!

La T, that letter is very much en pointe. This culture does not place very much value on the finer things humanity is capable of producing. Thank you for sharing.