Thursday, November 27, 2008

Special Holiday [Sap and Emotion] Edition

Every year I have more for which to be grateful. This year, in particular, when so many of us are watching the floundering world and wondering what's going to happen next, I feel very rich indeed, in love and comfort. Below, some of the particulars.

* My little family: H., who makes me want to be a better person every single day, who stands at the top of the line of fine men in the world, who loves me tirelessly (or at least does a great job of pretending not to tire of it -- it's a difficult job, I'm the first to admit), and Luke, who manages to amaze me every single day with his tender heart and sparkling wit.

* My brother, the 30-year-old married father who still crank calls me. We weren't very close for years, and now we talk at least three times a day. My life would be far less lovely without his text messages full of absurd inside jokes from childhood.

* My parents, who shaped me and encouraged me to be myself, and somehow didn't put me in a gunny sack and drown me (some things do not become obvious reasons for gratitude until after one becomes a parent)-- who are more and more becoming my friends and co-conspirators in this life.

* The friends I have, far and near, past and present, in person and in the computer, on earth or elsewhere. Inspiring, comforting, clever, hilarious and gorgeous, these people help keep me on the up-and-up, the straight-and-narrow, and every other hackneyed stand-in for truth and strength that you can think of. I've learned something from each of you, and continue to do so.

* My extended family, filled with every type of individual available in the world. Thanks for continuing to welcome me and mine.

* The cute condo in a cute part of town in a cute part of the cutest state in the US (sorry, other states; you know this is only the truth): how did we get so lucky?!

* The jobs both H. and I have... more and more people no longer have jobs, and we know we've got it good.

* My health insurance! I hear horror stories about diabetics without health insurance. I need not be allowed to ever complain.

* My God, whose unparalleled mercy and kindness bring me to my knees every day.

Whether or not you are celebrating Thanksgiving, I wish for you a wonderful day. And if you are reading this, thank you. I pray that you may know how firsthand how much love there is in the world for you.


Sophie said...

Happy Thanksgiving :)!

Emma said...

I hope you and your mister had a lovely one, Soph!