Monday, November 17, 2008

Top Seven Niche Business Ideas

Some people may think it foolish to consider a niche business idea in this economy; however I am confident that once I present these concepts--some provide a service; some are stores--to the right investors, backing will come with no delay. Read on, you Doubting Thomases!

1. Cookies For Adorable Children, Smartly-Turned-Out Ladies and Gallant Gentlemen
2. Wonderful Hats For Your Every Whimsy! [The exclamation point is part of the name.]
3. Your First Name Followed By His Last Name On Nice Stock In A Chic Font
4. Flowers and Cakes, Hand-Delivered by Your Choice of Wolverine, Edward Cullen, and/or Captain Jack Sparrow
5. Jarvis Cocker Says Your Name Five Times, Slowly: Your Personal Ringtone
6. Feathers, Tea Sets, Leather Jackets and Cupcakes for a Certain Type of Lady
7. Things You'd Buy Me If You Really Liked Me