Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's not all bouquets and white crayon

Normally something like this doesn't much resonate with me. Ordinarily I might call it twee, perhaps a bit precious. But I happen to really enjoy Rachel's blog, her aesthetic and her dreamy, cautious-yet-brave voice. Then there is the fact that she looks a lot like my mother, and a bit like me, in this photo. And the matter, too, of this sentiment being awfully similar to what 2008 was like for me.
Thanks, Rachel.


Sophie said...

Rachel Ashwell! She's great, I miss her show. I discovered her around the same time I discovered Nigella, another very cool woman.

Like the new blog layout :). Hope you're enjoying 2009 so far!

Emma said...

I never saw her show, but I really love her blog and suspect you would too, Soph. And Nigella! I still have the biggest girlcrush on her. Doesn't she seem like the most amazing girlfriend ever?