Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Frisson Listen: open another browser window right now. Type "" into the address bar and observe in amazement as your life gets more convenient. Sign up for a free account; upload large files. Send the link to people you know who want to download the large files; they then download said files. Easy, peasy. Way easier, peasier than zipping, and more convenient than a memory stick. And NOT ACCESSIBLE TO SEARCH ENGINES. And free. (And you can customize the look of the page, which is fun.)

iCiNG. Like a party with magazines, thick black eyeliner, cupcakes and gin. And the Velvet Underground, maybe? And glitter. Reading iCiNG makes me all squealy and gets me out my not-infrequent funks these last couple of weeks. It's run by Gala Darling, an adorable badass. Firstly, that is her legal name--she chose it herself. (Having legally changed my name at the age of 22, I have a special soft spot for others who do this.) Secondly, she's kind of all over the place--fashion! health! self-image! travel! boys! fun!--which is always a million times more interesting than keeping with the same theme all the time. Thirdly, and perhaps most important, it would be all too easy for this type of site to go horribly awry. But owing primarily to the balance of frippery, common sense and a genuine interest in other people, Miss Gala's iCiNG is a delight.

This crochet necklace from Cheeky Magpie. I think I would replace the button with something a bit more flash, which is fine because the necklace isn't for sale; nay, that Cheeky Magpie has created a tutorial! Which means if I ask my mama for (yet another) crochet lesson (it never seems to stick, but perhaps the eighth time's the charm?), I could totally have one of these by the weekend! (Image from Cheeky Magpie, which is so fantastic I am considering starting a fan club.)

This magic, right here. As you may or may not know, Mr. Eastwood enjoys a rather exalted status in my household (or would, were he ever to visit). I think this collection of all things Eastwood is a damn fine thing. Have a look at this set of three teaser designs from a UK press sheet for A Fistful of Dollars.

Also, apparently he was a badass even as an infant.

I just soiled my diaper. Feelin' lucky, punk?

Yeah, sorry, I just couldn't help myself.
(All Eastwood photos via The Clint Eastwood Archive.)


Sophie said...

...just checked out iCiNg and loved it! Thanks for sharing :). I love that shirt featured on the most recent post!

Emma said...

It's so much fun, isn't it? Perfect for a magazine junkie like me. Particularly as all my faves are folding. :/

Michael said...

I was wondering what was. Now I know. Thanks.