Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Frisson

Happy happy (almost) weekend, everyone!

carbonmade. So here I've been wringing my hands and developing stomach pains over my lack of online portfolio like a sucker, when all I need to do is get myself over to yonder URL and, like, upload some stuff. Presto change-o, a portfolio. Did I mention it's free? Am I the last person on earth to know about this? Hot damn, it's rad.

Nirrimi Photography. Whilst having a good meander through carbonmade I stumbled onto this lovely set of photos. Daydreamy, nostalgic, but exciting, they remind me of the photo shoots in the first few volumes of Sassy, like maybe 1988-90. Love! But turns out the photographer is sixteen years old. Shut up, really? Oh yes. And her self-portrait on her bio page is beyond gorgeous. See? Unreal.

the tweezers. A few years ago I had this terrible job. It was crazy, insane madness. The kind of job that acts like it's going to kick your ass at the bus stop if you don't give it your lunch money or your soul or whatever. One of those deals. But two good things came from it: one, I learned way more about my limits and my potential than I can go into detail about here; two, I met Bob, who taught me about a zillion life lessons in subjects ranging from sales and marketing to David Bowie to Antarctic exploration. And who is cooler than the coolest stereotype of cool you can imagine (if you don't believe me: one day he told me about the time he hung out with Iggy after a show. Yeah, that Iggy.). Anyway, so he's recently unearthed a bunch of gems relating to the tweezers, his band from days of yore. Check it out here! And there's a blog here, too.

Miscellaneous assortment of shame. Okay, I've been debating over whether to include this link for a couple of weeks now. Because it's not, like, awesomely hot? Except that every time I go through these, I end up in tears, doing that very unattractive scream-laughing. Sometimes I have to slap the top of our computer desk. See, the lovely and talented Heather Bailey held a contest on her blog, inviting people to leave her their most horrifyingly embarassing stories in the comments section. And while some pretty horrifying shite has happened to me, it's nothing like some of these stories. Granted, not all of them are knee-slappers--some didn't seem even remotely embarrassing (in fact some seemed like a pretty good, dignified day to me). My advice is this: if you need a laugh, click the link and scroll about halfway down the page. Dive in. Enjoy. Make sure you read the one about the pregnant American woman and the bathtub in West Berlin. Ahem.

Enjoy, lovelies. Thank you for sharing your time and your thoughts with me.


whenigrowupcoach said...

Those photos are crazy amazing! If I was a model I'd be running to her to do some portfolio work. Holy crapballs.

Emma said...

She's great, eh? Stay tuned, she may just show up on a Monday as the OSI interview!