Thursday, April 23, 2009

Like Erin Brockovich, but with more clothing.

In case you wondered.

9: number of years I'd been alive when I produced my first magazine; it was called Superkid! and featured completely fictional interviews with celebrities like Ricky Schroder and Christopher Reeve, as well as a fashion feature (in marker) on the return of miniskirts and the gorgeousness of cuffed suede booties

1: number of times I have portrayed a circa-1750s, pregnant good-time girl onstage

1: number of issues of Superkid! that was published, as hand-drawn magazines are a real pain to reproduce

2: number of people in the audience one night when the theater company I started with friends was doing a run of The Acting Lesson--and one of the two people was my mom

1: number of times I have told a massage client that he had 30 seconds to get dressed and get out, and to try the back of the LA WEEKLY for the type of massage he evidently wanted

2: number of fistfights I got into with boys on my tenth birthday

2: number of fistfights I got into with boys on my tenth birthday which I lost

1: number of older brothers named Bob I made up in the third grade

5: number of men named Bob who have been influential in my life (long after the third grade)

3: number of instruments I play/have played

7: number of names I currently answer to (Mexican families are nothing if not inventive with the sheer volume of nicknames they heap on a person; not to mention the whole changing-my-legal-name thingie)


Michelle | When I Grow Up said...

I love this post! Reminded me of the show I wrote/cast/directed in elementary school. I think it was called "Bang!" & was a cowboy mystery. And only girls were in it. Why I performed it for the school, I have no idea.

I totally would have read "Superkid!", by the way.

Emma said...

Bang! That is so fantastic! I think we would have been great pals even as children. =)

Josh said...

1: Number of issues of Superkid! I wish I could take a look at.

Emma said...

Ha! It was pretty special. As I recall I used that weird, grayish, grade-school paper for it. Remember that?

P. said...

You were so ahead of the game about the ankle booties.

Emma said...

P., actually I'm just old: that was the first time around for those ankle booties. =p