Tuesday, April 03, 2007

You crawl through the window

Brian: man it would have been awesome if in that very last segment, the baby had like two heads or horns or dumbo ears...SOMETHING!!


Brian: it would have been a great ending to a crappy episode.

me: it was a crap episode, alright

Brian: well. they can't all be winners i suppose.

me: though the last scene house was in made me sob like the big baby that i am.

i got too bored to keep close attention. he ripped up the envelope and then went home?

me: he ripped up the plane ticket, took his phone off the hook, and in a way that made it obvious he was in a lot of pain, lay down on the couch and turned the tv on to a travel program. then he rubbed his thumb and fingers of his left hand together, as though mimicking what the baby had done.

Brian: poor house.

i could totally fix him! who's with me here?

PS, Brian's a hunk. Just in case any cute, smart single girls are reading.


fairlywell said...

Ooh, I know a cute smart and single girl - Boston Katie! I hear it takes more than those things in common, though. Like, a state.

Also, I was very smarmed out by House last night. Way too many parallels driven home with a sledgehammer. And the baby hand. Erghh. Not fair.

emma said...

If Boston Katie could see her way to becoming Los Angeles Katie..? Hee hee.

The sledgehammer was out, full force, for sure! I hope they never let that writer touch a keyboard again. Ugh! But the baby hand... ohhhhh. I'm such a sucker.