Thursday, August 30, 2007

It spins and it spins like a number I hold

An Email to the Australian Friend Who Told Me That Tim Finn Was on the Crowded House Tour:

Oh, Graeme.
Graeme, Graeme, Graeme.

You built up my hopes and then dashed them. Tim Finn has not joined Crowded House on this tour;
Liam Finn has.
While quite darling, young Liam is not exactly the man that his uncle is.

For reference, I have attached a few photos. I hereby respectfully request that you not toy with my emotions thusly in the future.





You'll be happy to know that Graeme apologized and said that he would look toward "not upsetting Madame in the future." But seriously, it was a great time, the show on Tuesday night. I could've done without Pete Yorn; he's just not the kind of act I like. Liam could have done with a full band, though it was hysterical - and, well, cute - to watch him play electric guitar, then loop the guitar part, run over and jump on the drums for the final minute of each of the three songs he played. The phrase "lovable scamp" comes to mind, which is of course the way any guy in his early twenties wants to be though of.

Crowded House were great. Well, the truth is I don't really know whether they were great. I've loved them for too long to be anything like objective. I think I prefer Neil on his own, or at least with fewer people. He's seen too much to continue being the fun, wacky guy hamming it up onstage. His heart isn't in it, I don't think. A more intimate venue, a more stripped-down set; these things seem more befitting of him somehow.

Which is not to say I didn't love it. But I wish I'd seen the band when it was three young wacky-yet-earnest guys. It's later now; those guys are gone (one more so than the other two) and, well, the two new guys (only one of which is actually new, but I'm still not used to him) are so different. I don't know. It's just a band, eh? But it's more than that. You know?