Sunday, September 02, 2007

The joke's in the telling

Some recent thoughts about which I am not necessarily proud.

1. While listening to the radio as I got dressed this morning: I wonder if Sofia Coppola has had her baby yet? Funny how she got with that guy from Air after divorcing Spike Jonze who's like Uber-American. Does she live in France now? Does she speak French? How fun. I like Air. This is a good song of theirs. Oh, wait. This isn't Air. This is Phoenix.

2. While watching a program on Fox which focused on the fall television season (no, my arms and legs aren't broken; it's just been so hot that I was too fried to move from my prone position on the couch to change the channel): Where's the House preview? Where is it, damn it? Show me House. Where is House on here, Fox Television Network? Oh... oh, there he is. Oh, Greg House. You're an ass. Oh, Greg House. You're quite excellent, aren't you.