Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I've laid awake all night just putting the whole world right

A friend of ours is a great enabler of this Nick Cave fixation I've got currently. He burned all of the albums he owns to disk for me, and has also loaned me this biography. In what I thought an odd twist (though probably not that odd; still, I found it odd, and -- oh, I'll be quiet now), I came across the following passage:

While The Birthday Party were recording [in Melbourne], the New Zealand new wave pop group Split Enz were working in Studio 1 on the follow-up to their massive hit True Colors. On occasion a member of Split Enz would wander uninvited into Studio 2 and proclaim that the music The Birthday Party were making was uncommercial and would never reach the higher echelons of the Top Ten.

Er... wow! I wonder who that might have been. It does sound like something a frontman would say, doesn't it? A frontman concerned with commercial viability? Snicker, snicker!

What a very small post, no? Small and unkind. I shall try harder to be more meaningful.