Monday, December 10, 2007

Thank you make a Lukie

The boy turned two on Saturday. Unbelievable! I used to hate when adults said things like this, but I get it now: Time just flies by.

We ran a few errands over the weekend, resulting in time spent in the car, of course. He surprised me Saturday evening by saying he wanted to pray. I said that of course we could pray (it's something we do together at bedtime most days). Thus began an extensive praying session that sounded like this:

Me: Thank You, Lord... [this is the prompt I use]
Him: Ghenkoo, Lor... the Mama, and the Daddy... and the Mimi... and the Uncle Bobby...ghenkoo make a bikuhchuh [bicycle]... ghenkoo make a car... ghenkoo make a beep-beep... ghenkoo make a beep-beep car... ghenkoo make a dump truck... ghenkoo make a garbage truck... ghenkoo make a trash can... ghenkoo make a airplane... ghenkoo make a bug-ig [big rig]... ghenkoo make a goobus [school bus]... ghenkoo make a hockaloh [helicopter - he has memorized a book of vehicles...] ghenkoo make a triangle... ghenkoo make a leaf... ghenkoo make a treehouse. Ghenkoo make a swimming... ghenkoo make a Aunty Nonny swimming... ghenkoo make a cake... ghenkoo make a Lukie cake... ghenkoo make a Grandma... and a Grandpa... ghankoo make a balloon... ghenkoo make a wing [swing]... ghenkoo make a lide [slide]... ghenkoo make a wock [rock]... ghenkoo make a S... ghenkoo make a M... ghenkoo make a X...

All told, it went on for a good twenty minutes, this small boy's gratefulness, and only ended because we got out of the car and went into the house.

Words fail me. I had no idea my heart could hold so much.


Erica said...

That's beautiful! And wow, I can't believe Luke is two! I keep forgetting that he is only two months younger than A. Perhaps because I've never actually met him.

persephone said...

that is the best. thing. ever.

happy 2nd, master luke.

emily said...

Oh, that is amazingly wonderful. happy birthday, young jedi.

Frida said...

I love it. Love it. I'm inspired to pray my own gratitude prayer. Your littlee man is a wise one.