Sunday, January 06, 2008

I oughta give you a shot in the head for making me live in this dump

Another day, another film. Today's selection was There Will Be Blood. The oil tycoon movie, yes. Truth is I don't really care what it's about when DD-L is involved; there are only two of his movies I've not seen. One is The Crucible, because, well, no thanks... and the only other not-for-television film in his oeuvre I've not enjoyed watched is something called Nanou. (Yes, this means I sat through the wretchedly bad Eversmile, New Jersey. There was a brief period of time during which I was seventeen years old and completely obsessed, let's just say.) In any case, I was not prepared for the film to kick off with a tension level of 10 and then never ease up, save for a few short clippy scenes of about 60-90 seconds during which the tension sinks down to about a 9.5 before ratcheting back to 10 again. Sweet heaven, it was painful and disturbing and exhausting. And DD-L needs an Oscar for it. I'd like to shake his hand, and then follow that up with a good slap (there is a lot of slapping in the film, I reckon he won't mind too much) for punitive damages.