Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Happy List

Just under the wire, I'm participating in Pink of Perfection's July project: a list of that which makes one happy.

This is a partial list and will continue to grow.

* Any one of the five senses as applied to my husband and son (sight, smell, touch, taste, hear)
* A nap on the couch, under a blanket, on a cold day
* An airplane lifting off to begin a journey
* The moment of impact at touchdown on an airplane
* The moment when I know that something I've written is finished
* The sound, sight and smell of the ocean
* A very good gin and tonic (preferably made with either Wet by Beefeater or Hendrick's Gin)
* Driving with no particular agenda except to think and to sing along with the radio [sadly, due to cost, this is slowly becoming obsolete]
* Kittens [twee, I know, but who doesn't love a tiny, furry, baby animal that mews?]
* Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life" always makes me feel like there's a parade happening just for me
* Waking up on a cold morning under a heavy pile of blankets [can you tell I am really tired of summer?]
* The smoky, gleeful, uncontrollable sound of my friend Bob's laughter
* The gritty elegance of William Gibson's writing
* Beginning a new (offline) diary
* When my son climbs up the back of my chair, puts an arm around me, and, beaming, says, "Hi, Kiddo!"
* The soundtrack to Amelie
* Boots! [O, Summer, wilt thou never end?]
* Getting away from pavement and power lines, being surrounded by trees, grass, rocks and sky
* Laugh attacks with my nearest and dearest over things that no one else would find remotely amusing
* The feeling of typing along at a good clip, writing something I know is going to work


Bethany said...

Laugh attacks are the best, especially when your sides hurt. Beginning a new diary is always an empowering feeling, isn't it?