Saturday, August 09, 2008

The best of comestibles and potables

1. Tim Tams. Obviously.
2. Hendrick's Gin. Strong without hurting you, flowery and bright in a way that I find delightful (and I generally find "flowery" off-putting). I feel like it is the drinkable version of the type of personality I hope to one day have. If that sounds stupid, just find yourself a bottle. You'll see what I mean. Unless you are my husband, who says it is like drinking perfume. BUT THAT CAN'T BE RIGHT, BECAUSE I HATE PERFUME.
3. MarieBelle hot chocolate.
4. Wet by Beefeater (gin, for you non-alkies). Smoother and more sophisticated than the Hendrick's. Perhaps a friend or cousin of the Hendrick's, if you see what I mean.
5. Green and Black's. Before having tasted this, I believed I knew what chocolate was. I WAS WRONG.
6. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's chai latté. All others are a waste of steam.
7. Tazo decaffeinated chai.
8. Sharon's Sorbet in Coconut. Really, sorbet? This isn't ice cream? I had to read the label a few times to be sure.