Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Even if time is just a flicker of light

Train madness aside, what a glorious weekend! Cousins, aunts, uncles I hadn't seen in 15 years; children I'd never met! I wish H had been able to come along with us, but never mind--next time. It's hit me all at once, the realization that family really is important, really does matter. We didn't have much family around while my brother and I were growing up, contact with either side was sporadic. These days it seems as though everyone is suddenly making an effort to behave more like family, or maybe it just seems that way now because it matters to me. Whatever the case, there is something to be said for the people who knew you when you were whatever you used to be, the people who will take you in, no questions asked, or lots of nosy questions asked (whatever their style), who have to love you, who have to deal with you, and vice versa. I realize not all families are this way--some are better and some are worse--but for the first time in my life I feel as though I truly have a lifeline that extends beyond my immediate circle. I feel like I have People now, you know. It is pretty great. I wish that for you, too.


Anne-Marie said...

I am glad you have People, as you put it. That is a powerful thing [especially for us Cancerian girls!]. Have been thinking about you recently. I hope you're doing okay.

Rangimarie [peace],

Emma said...

Thank you so much, Anne-Marie. And yes, you are so right about us Cancerian girls... People matter! =)