Friday, September 05, 2008

We should all be as happy as kings

Language ranks for me in the top five most delightful inventions of all time. Best not to get me discussing it, as I can wax poetic about its intricacies and idiosyncrasies until normal people are bleeding from the ears. But I do want to share this with you, because it's so lovely and sweet and conveys, I think, the kind of earnest desire to communicate and wish another person well that many of us tend to lack in our daily life. It is excerpted from an email sent by a Chinese colleague about three years ago.

You are always welcome here. We are pleasure to get more support from [my former department] - a global training platform of [parent company]. Your concrete assistance will be appreciated. This Sunday, Chinese traditional Mid-autumn Festival is coming. I wish Sunday night moonlight will bing my best regards to you and your family.
Good luck!

I wish Sunday night moonlight will bing my best regards! How wonderful, no?


Martha Craig said...

After my first order of shirts from China, I received an email from the company I deal with hoping for more "special intercourse" with me.

Emma said...

Martha, are you sure it was shirts and not that book on typography you carry in your store? Ahem.

P said...

That is cuter than a bug's ear. My Greek grandmother used to put her hand on people's heads and say, "Piss on you. Piss."

Uh, I think you meant PEACE, Yia-Yia.

(So happy you visited my blog and commented. I am slightly concerned that you are a proofreader/copy editor, as my blog is rife with grammatical mistakes.)

Emma said...

P., thanks for stopping by! If only you knew how much I adore your blog, you wouldn't worry about my pendatic tendencies at all. (And also: I love your Greek grandmother.)