Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mum's the word

Inspired by Maggie's excellent post (through which I discovered that my mom may say odd things, but at least she has company), I've compiled a few gems from my own life.

Nine by Mum
1. You need a slip with that.
2. If you ever have something in the car that sticks out of the back like that [indicating toward pickup truck ahead of us on the road with large furniture/planks of wood/etc. in the bed], always tie something red to the end of it.
3. That [skirt/blouse/sweater/pair of pants] would look killer with a black [pair of pants/sweater/blouse/skirt]. Or: a red one.
4. If your tooth or eye ever falls out, put it in a glass of milk and go to the hospital.
5. If something big stabs you, leave it in and go to the hospital.
6. Eat fruit!
7. Have you been drinking enough water?
8. Have you been taking your vitamins? FAITHFULLY? [Woah, Ma.]
9. That needs to be ironed.


Anne-Marie said...

Ah ha, this made me laugh. Thought you might like some old faithfuls from my dear mother:

+You need to wear earrings with that.
+That's too tight.
+That's not how you chop carrots / wash the dishes / hang the washing.
+Goodness, that's a very low-cut top.

And my personal favourite...
+You CAN'T go out in bare feet! At your age you should be acting more mature! [She's being saying this to me since I was 13 and now I'm 36 it has no more effect on me than it did then].

Emma said...

Ahaha! Thanks for sharing, Anne-Marie! That last one sounds like me talking to my mother...