Monday, December 15, 2008

Paying it forward

The lovely Diana included me in her I Love Your Blog post today. I am beyond flattered, as her blog is beautiful, inspiring and intelligent. To continue the effect, here are seven of the many blogs that I love:

* What Possessed Me - P. is by turns hilarious, wise, silly and thoughtful. Her blog is achingly poignant and completely down-to-earth. In short, I'd really like for her to move in next door to me (P., just so you know, the condo next door is currently available.).

* Pohangina Pete - I've mentioned Pete's blog before, but am as taken by it now as I was three years ago. In his own words, "Pete lives in the Pohangina Valley, Aotearoa/New Zealand and writes about mountains and mountaineering, rockclimbing, photography, Aotearoa-NZ, natural history, people, travelling, thinking, a wee bit of politics, life in general and a swag of other stuff. Lots of photos, too." But it's much more than that.

* This is kind of cheating, maybe? Because The Ruins of the Moment also belongs to Pohangina Pete. [Also: apparently I only read blogs run by people whose first names begin with the letter P.] He posts a new gorgeous/thought-provoking/inspiring photo every day.

* Simple Mom. Tsh writes thoughtful, helpful, reasonable hacks for running a more loving and (wait for it) simple home. She's made a huge impact on me.

* Some Girls Wander. Super-girly, dreamy, delicious clothing blog. By my favorite indie artist, Emily Martin.

* Superhero Journal. Andrea is a brave writer. She is so full of love, and continues to put herself out there. I admire her enormously.

* Going on Beyond. I am new to this one, but completely intrigued. Michael's photographs are fascinating and beautiful, and his voice is as insightful and gentle as it is no-nonsense.

Thank you, friends, for continuing to teach and inspire me.


pohanginapete said...

Aww...*blush*... thanks Emma. :^)

P said...

Oh yay! Thank you so much. Much love to you, future neighbor...

Emma said...

Pete and Miss P, thank you for making my world a better place.

Michael said...

I like how this works. And thanks. I think I'll hang around for a while.

Emma said...

Michael, you're welcome. I'm glad you have decided to hang around for awhile.

Emma said...
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