Monday, February 16, 2009

And speaking of badass...

I want to hug this woman for having the moxie to pull this off.
Attitude really is everything.

Deep red lips, ridiculous earrings and contact lenses instead of glasses would finish the look for me, femme it up and increase the masculine/feminine tension. Then again I wouldn't have the sand [my new "thing" is talking like Bill the Butcher, let me know if it's working, okay?] to wear this. Or maybe instead of "sand" I mean "length and svelteness." Anyway, swoon. Love it. Since leaving the world of executive drag (to borrow from the inimitable Communicatrix), I am very easily excited by crazy-amazing outfits. Swoon, swoon.

(Image via The Sartorialist, naturally.)


Stacy said...

She pulls it off well.

Emma said...

Stacy -- she does, doesn't she? Reminds me a bit of Kristin Scott Thomas in The English Patient.


PS, Welcome!