Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Frisson: The Smart Set

Lie To Me. What a great show. Well-written, with interesting characters and great dialogue... it's no Sports Night or nothin' (remember that?), but it's goooooood. I've admired Tim Roth since Reservoir Dogs, so it's nice to see him in an ongoing role. (And if I may say so, he classes up network television a bit, eh?)

One Sentence. Real stories, by real people, told in one sentence. It's harder than it looks. Try it! And try to guess which one is mine.

Kleenex Anti-Viral Tissue. Wait, I can explain. While perhaps not representative of the seksay content you've come to rely on here [anyone up for the ol' Tim-Finn-got-his-arm-sweat-on-my-arm story again? Huh?], this product is, nonetheless, pure genius. It deserves your attention! I don't know how it's been with you, but this winter has been relentlessly sick-making around my house. This Kleenex actually kills 99% of the little monsters that are itching to get all up inside your system! Blow your/his/her nose and the tissue kills whatever's in it! Hm. That's not quite... I mean, I'm sure your fingers are fine inside the tissue, you know? They wouldn't put, like, flesh-eating Kleenex out on the market, right? Anyway, they aren't paying me; I am genuinely this excited about tissue. Because the winter illness, it must end. I just can't take any more.

Nubby Twiglet. Au currant, interesting, useful and attractive. Aahhhh... that's good blog.

Happy weekend, lovelies. Enjoy it!


Michael said...

Lie to me: I can't believe it. I actually saw that one right after a piece-of-crap CSI-NY and was pleased to see something decent.

Emma said...

Michael, isn't it something to see quality television? Slightly restorative...