Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fire Starter Sessions in Los Angeles!

Guess who's coming to LA in June? Danielle LaPorte, arbiter of White Hot Truth, strategist and kick-ass extraordinaire. Oh yes. Oh yes, she is! I'm super-pleased to be sponsoring two days of her Group Fire Starter Sessions, June 12 and 13. Following is the lowdown.
Think tank your business with Danielle LaPorte in LA.
Got the mojo, but need the game plan? Have the strategy but want the customers, the capital, the Twitter following? From start-ups to 9 to 5'rs who want to break out on their own, this is a special opportunity to get PRACTICAL ANSWERS and MAJOR INSPIRATION to take your business to the next level.

A Group Fire Starter with Strategist, Danielle LaPorte
3 hours. 10 female entrepreneurs.
A candid success story. Your questions.
Useful ideas on how to rock your business.

"My Fire Starter Session with you is the best investment I have ever made. Ever. You pinpointed exactly what I needed to do to go to the next level. Within a month, I've had a 125% increase in income. What's next?!"
- Sarah Bray, Web developer, Virginia Beach

When: Friday evening, June 12
6:30pm to 9:30pm
- or -
Saturday morning, June 13
9:30am to 12:30pm
(a 3rd group may be added for Saturday afternoon)

Where: Los Angeles – location TBA

Cost: $100.

Brought to you by Emma Alvarez Gibson and Old Soul Ink.

“Your work is like a blazing path into my highest good with my business. I can't thank you enough for your authenticity, humor, and straightforward honesty. Your Fire Starter sessions are something I would do over and over again.”
- Lauren Harkness, Jewelry designer, Seattle

How it works:

1. You register for the evening or morning group – there are only 10 women per session.
2. I send you the “Burning Questions” to answer.
3. I personally review your business in advance. Send me to your site and the sites that inspire or compete with you. I will likely come to our session armed with some ideas for you.
4. The group session is part motivation, part how-to, and 100% inspiring. I talk candidly about the grace and grit of my accomplishments - from pitching Oprah producers, to raising big bucks in venture capital, landing book deals, rocking social media and social responsibility, while balancing spirituality and legal contracts.
5. We jam. We’ll look at each person’s business or ideas and explore everything from branding to guerrilla marketing and social media.

The session is relaxed, but intensely focused. Women only. Real experience, unfettered opinions, and genuine encouragement. True magic. Truly practical.

Booking is first come, first served. Contact me directly: to reserve your space. Upon payment via Paypal, I'll email you the Burning Questions and you let the sparks fly.

Group Fire Starter Sessions are incredibly useful and meaningful experiences. Spread the word.

With Love,

Danielle LaPorte founded because "self realization rocks." Her blog as been lauded as "one of the best places on-line for kick-ass spirituality and business." She is the lead author of the bestseller, Style Statement: Live By Your Own Design, which caught the attention of Oprah producers, and Body + Soul Magazine praised it as "redefining the concept of style." She is the co-founder of the popular personal development site, - which she left in 2008 to go solo.

For ten years, she ran her own business development and communications agency "promoting visionary people and projects" - from Nobel Peace Prize winners to philosophers and pop stars, and worked with the top US publishers on publicity campaigns. As the director of a DC-based think tank for future studies, Danielle managed scenario-planning projects for the likes of the Pentagon, The World Bank and IBM.

She now helps entrepreneurs blaze their careers and creativity with her signature Fire Starter Sessions. A speaker and media personality, she has been featured in Elle, The Huffington Post, Vogue Australia, The National Post, Domino Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, Entertainment Tonight, and numerous talk shows. She is based in Vancouver, BC.

. . . . . . . .

“I had the privilege of having a Fire Starter session with Danielle. I honestly feel like I’ve been revived after flat lining. She makes it easy to let go and trust the process even if you don’t see out outcome at the moment. By the time I finished listening to the recording of our session, I had completely written my action plan. I haven’t stopped since."
- L’Tanya Durante, magazine founder, North Carolina

"You're one of the most highly intuitive, creative souls I've ever worked with. Each time we speak, you open my mind and heart to career possibilities I've never thought of. Really, you're a true creative visionary/genius."
- Linda Siversten, Writing Consultant, author of Harmonic Wealth with James A. Ray, and Generation Green, Los Angeles

"...brilliant, radiant, generous and results oriented."
- Rebecca Walker, named by Time Magazine as one of the 50 most influential American leaders of her generation, Maui

"An excited, thankful update: my blog readership went up 60% last month. THANK YOU, THANK YOU a million times over for all of your practical inspiration. I really feel blessed."
- Lindsey Lewis, Yoga teacher, and Writer, Vancouver

"F. Scott Fitzgerald held that the mark of a good mind was the ability to hold two thoughts at the same time without them colliding. Danielle LaPorte has that ability to an awesome degree: the ability to be both a tough professional and a sensitive human being, to talk a mile-a-minute and then really listen, to value her own time highly and the use it generously on behalf of her clients, and finally, to emphasize both grassroots publicity opportunities and national media priorities."
- Dan Simon, Publisher, Seven Stories Press, New York

" of the coolest things I have ever done for myself."
- Alisa Barry, CEO, Bella Cucina Artful Food, Atlanta

“My mind-altering Fire Starter Session just over a week ago is having an ever-growing ripple effect. Our one conversation cut through layers of fog and delivered insight and business answers.”
- Emily-Sarah Lineback, Creative Director, Booneville NC

So! If you've got a business, or a business idea that just won't leave you alone, this is for you! I can't wait--it's going to be an amazing time. I hope you can make it!

Image by kool_skatkat via Flickr.


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can't wait to rock LA. Thanks for lighting the matches, Emma.

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Come to NYC, both of you!!!