Sunday, April 12, 2009

The OSI Interview: Fake Nick Cave

It is sorely tempting to say that Fake Nick Cave needs no introduction. But for the sake of what Nick Cave might refer to as "a pleasing geometry," let's go ahead with a bit of an intro, shall we? Fake Nick Cave is different from Nick Cave. For starters, his name begins with Fake, while Nick Cave's name begins with Nick. (This might sound a bit elementary. Trust me, it is lost on many people.) But Fake Nick Cave is also very similar to Nick Cave. He's an oft-surly, thin-hipped, moustachioed singer/songwriter from Australia with a history of anger, heroin and generally disruptive behavior, who now resides in England and has played with the likes of Mick Harvey, Warren Ellis, Tracy Pew, Polly Jean Harvey and many others. He, too, has a son with a woman by the name of Viviane and is also currently married to a woman named Susie. And, like Nick Cave, Fake Nick Cave is friends with Jarvis Cocker. The similarities are frankly amazing. Never one to shy away from controversy, Fake Nick Cave has created a bit of a commotion on Twitter, causing the TwitPowers-that-be to intervene on behalf of...well, it's not entirely clear which parties, exactly, felt so deceived upon "discovering" that Fake Nick Cave is different from Nick Cave that they had to go and file a grievance. One can only speculate that they are probably not regular readers of Fake Nick Cave's Twitter feed. Pity, that. In any case, I am thrilled to share Fake Nick Cave's take on the Old Soul Ink interview with you. And nearly as thrilled about his fantastic photograph.

1. In the context of your work, which bits of minutiae matter most?
My nurse with her hot cocoa, and spending time scanning the pages of my most precious posession: the botanical edition of the Poet's Rhyming Dictionary. In my writing, I focus on slowing down my whirling emotions into a single thread. I like to write about strong, angry people showing a vulnerability, an earnestness, maybe even a need for love and redemption. V is for VIRTUE, and all of that.

2. Which bits matter least?
Dreams. I dream often of Polly's lips, or of Viviane chasing after my moustache with giant clippers shaped like Polly's lips... The worst is when I wake up, sweating, after having dreamt that Anita poked me on Facebook. Over time, I have learned to place no importance on my dreams -- they are not reflections of inner desires but rather the result of too much Rocky Road of Gibraltar ice cream before bed.

3. In the context of your life, what types of minutiae once seemed important, but have since fallen by the wayside? Why?

4. What types of minutiae, if any, have you had to train yourself to pay closer attention to?
"Me" time. I need to be reminded that I am more than just an international superstar with a fabulous moustache, so I nurture myself with bubble baths, pedicures and massages. After the fight with Mick, I even began seeing an acupuncturist to refocus my energy.

5. Just for kicks -- what are your favorite bits of minutiae (personal, from a book, a piece of music, moment in a movie, etc.)?
When I am about to perform in Wim Wenders' film Wings of Desire. I am nervous and mumbling to myself -- "I'm not going to tell them about a girl, I'm not going to tell them about a girl..." -- and then I walk onto the stage and launch into From Her To Eternity. I weep just thinking about it. Truly inspired.

For the curious, a bit of minutiae I vehemently do not like is the now unsingable second-to-last verse of Babe, I'm On Fire.

Thank you, Fake Nick Cave, for this enlightening interview!


F. Nick Cave said...

Thank you for the opportunity, Emma. I wish more had been said about F. Nick the entrepreneur... It is no small feat to open a successful restaurant and launch a lingerie and perfume line in the span of six months. But I digress.

L. said...

Fake Nick Cave might just be my favorite person on Twitter.

Emma said...

F. Nick -- the pleasure was all mine. If at some point in the future you'd like to do a guest post centered around Murder Salads, Get Ready For Love, and you'll have to forgive me but I can't at the moment recall the name of your perfume (Babe, You Turn Me On? 15 Feet of Pure White Snow?)--just let me know.

L., I am totally with you there.

persephone said...


most excellent OSI interview *ever*. (and they are all excellent.)

Emma said...

Persephone -- I am proud to be of assistance.

MP said...

I think the perfume should be named "Willow Garden" for women and "Jack the Ripper" for men.A chic scent for modern romantics.