Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I am prepared for anything.

Reaching into my purse this morning at work revealed the following bonus items:

* A diaper featuring Sesame Street characters

* A miniature flatbed truck

* A massive wad of napkins from The Coffee Bean

Bring it. I'm ready.


Anne-Marie said...

You are obviously a very practical woman. The miniature flatbed truck in particular would be a useful object to keep in your bag.

Where's McGyver when you need him?

Emma said...

McGyver who? :)

Anne-Marie said...

Don't you remember that 80s TV series McGyver [title role played by Richard Dean Anderson]? He was well known for getting out of scrapes by making, for example, a parachute out of a shirt. Things like that.

Emma said...

Oh yes, I was merely being an egotistical braggart!