Saturday, August 16, 2008

Small fish, big sea

Imagine my surprise when I opened up the back door of the car today to let my son out, and he grinned at me and sang the following, on-key and mostly clearly:

Ten pounds of boy!
Haul away, haul away, haul away
My mother and father's pride and joy
Richard and Mary drink to my journey
Haul away

He sang it shyly but grinned proudly when he was done.



pohanginapete said...

Hmmm... left those old Split Enz CDs lying around again, Emma?

Keep encouraging him. He might make your fortune for you ;^)

Emma said...

He may well indeed! He loves that song, asks for it all the time, and when I don't have the iPod hooked up to the car radio he asks me to sing it for him. But still... he's not even three years old!